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Garage & Sound Proofing


We provide a wide range of garage insulation services to the residents of Victoria BC. We understand how important a garage can be for your business; after all, successful companies like Apple started there. A well-insulated garage will enable you to work during winter without having to spend too much on heating costs.

6 Reasons Why Insulating Your Garage Is Worth It

1. Safety

Let us assume that you are working on a DIY project that involves handling toxic gases. These gases can easily find their way into the living room and be inhaled by your children and loved ones.  A well-sealed garage will prevent these toxic gases from escaping and harming your family. Also, you should have a smoke detector installed for extra precaution.


2. It Saves You Money

Think about it, how much money do you spend every winter on heating costs alone? According to research, most property owners experience an increase in electricity bills during winter and summer. However, a well-sealed garage will keep you warm during winter and cool during summer. As a result, you will turn on your A/C less often, thereby reducing your energy bills by more than 30%.

3. Provides A Conductive Environment For Working

In a regular garage, the temperatures inside will mimic the temperatures outside. This means that if it is cold, then the garage should also be cold inside. However, a sealed garage retains warmer air as the air cannot escape creating a conducive environment for you to work.


4. Prevents Noise Pollution

Are you the kind of person who uses machinery in your garage? Or do you have a music studio? If this is you, then you need to have it insulated. The right material will prevent noise from disturbing your neighbors and will also give you peace of mind.


5. It Will Prolong Your Car Batteries Life

An non-insulated garage door allows the warm temperature to escape while allowing cold air to enter. The cold air might make your car battery work harder to start and run, decreasing its life span. For optimal temperatures, the car battery should be between 30 to 90 degrees.

6. Reduces Humidity & Moisture

Insulating materials such as spray foam reduces moisture content that can destroy electronics and wooden tools. 

If you protect your garage, do not forget about garage door insulation. Garage door insulation can be done in two ways: you can either pre-order an insulated garage door or have one insulated for you by qualified spray foam installers.

If you protect the garage but forget about the door, heat will still be lost, and your energy bills will always be high. Other benefits of having garage door insulation include:

Saves Energy: Did you know that 70% of all the energy lost in a garage is because of an uninsulated door?

Reinforces the Door: In most homes, the garage door always takes a beating thanks to playful children. This reduces its lifespan and increases the chances of you having to spend more on costly repairs due to accidental dents.

Why Sound Proof Your Home?

We offer a wide range of sound insulation solutions for both residential and commercial services.  As a property owner, soundproofing your building comes with several benefits. These are:


1. Silence
Do you want to have a man cave away from your children? Then you need to have it soundproofed. You can have your own personal time away from the children as it will block external sounds from entering your' room.'


2. You Get Better Sleep
Do you live in the city center where car noise and rowdy workers are the order of the day? If yes, then you require sound insulation services. Soundproofing your house is a much better alternative than trying to rent in a more affluent suburb. Immediately you soundproof your bedroom, you will notice that the quality of your sleep has increased.


3. It Lowers Your Energy Bills
Apart from sound dampening, a soundproofed room can also provide other benefits such as lowering your energy bills because it does not allow air to pass through. This means if it is cold outside, your garage's temperature remains optimal.


4. It Increases Your Home's Value
Sound Insulation makes your house attractive to potential buyers, especially if you live in an urban center. This is an excellent investment to have if you plan to sell your home in the future.

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